Where to find Offline POS Machines in Nigeria

If you have withdrawn your money with ATM and POS machines, you might have spotted an offline POS machine. The offline POS machines aren’t the same as the conventional POS machines. If you have made a withdrawal at an ATM booth, you have gotten a debit alert without receiving your money.
The same goes for POS machines, they often malfunction and make errors if there is a network problem. But this doesn’t happen with offline POS machines. Offline POS machines enable you to do financial transactions on an offline cache. Therefore, if you have an unstable or poor network connection, you can use the POS to perform basic financial transactions like money transfer, save the transaction and when you have a strong connection to the internet, you can upload all data and transactions that you have saved to the server.

Why Do You Need An Offline POS Machine
If you do business in a poor internet connection, you may not be able to process financial transactions conveniently. Therefore, you need an offline POS machine that can work during unstable network connections.
Also, if you are unable to access an ATM booth, you can use an offline POS machine to interact with your bank (credit and withdraw from your account). That being said, let us see how to get offline POS machines in Nigeria.

How To Buy Offline POS Machines In Nigeria
The bank should be the first place you should go to get a POS machine in Nigeria. Simply contact your bank, tell the bank representative and official why you would like to get a POS machine and they will advise you and tell you what you need to do to get their POS machine.
Some banks and payment processors have a better track record and service than others. If you feel that your bank isn’t good enough, you can request a POS machine from another bank. However, most banks will give you their POS machines on the condition that you open an account with them. Also, you will fill some forms to acquire the POS machine.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to get a POS machine from Nigerian banks, you can buy it from merchants. You can check online stores such as Konga and Jumia for offline POS machines, or you go to an online marketplace like Jigi.ng.
Also, you can buy offline POS machines from Amazon or Aliexpress. Before buying a POS machine online, ensure to read reviews on the product page or make your research to know if the POS device is original. Most importantly, you should be cautious especially if you are buying from online stores and classified ad sites like Jiji so that you don’t fall prey for scammers and greedy merchants.

Overall, if you are looking for where to buy an offline POS machine in Nigeria, the bank is the safest place to get it. Furthermore, payment processing companies such as Opay can have offline POS machines for sale. All you need to do is to check their offices if their POS works offline, if yes, find out the requirements and collect it.