Lagos state Lotteries Board: What you should know about them

The Lagos State Lotteries Board (LSLB) is a gaming regulatory body in Lagos State, Nigeria. It was established in 2005 by the the Lagos State Lotteries Laws Cap L89 2004 Laws of Lagos State, which is now known as the Lagos State Lotteries Amendment Law. The Lagos State Lotteries Board was established as a means of monitoring the lottery and gaming industry in Lagos State, it also facilitates the growth of the industry by putting certain polices to practice.

What you should know about the Lagos State Lotteries Board

The Lagos State Lotteries board is a very important body in Lagos State; they are solely in charge of regulating lotteries, online sports betting, and other major and minor gaming activities organized within Lagos State. They ensure a stable lottery and gaming industry in Lagos State. In this sense, if you want to conduct a public game of chance (lottery) or online betting activities in any part of Lagos State, you must make sure you obtain a license from the Lagos state Lotteries Board. To obtain this license, one may be required to write an application letter addressed to;

The Chief Executive Officer,

Lagos State Lotteries Board,
Irorun Plaza (5th floor)
65, Kudirat Abiola Way, Oregun,
Ikeja, Lagos.

The application letter should also be submitted to the above address. For your application to be accepted, your lottery or sports betting company must be fully incorporated in Nigeria and must meet certain statutory conditions and requirements set by the Lagos state Lotteries Board and also you will need to submit some official documents like; Tax clearance certificate, one year bank account statement and more.

The license is divided into different categories so there are different requirements for then, if you want to make inquiries about certain requirements that may be needed to obtain these license, contact any of the following mails;

For Public online lottery: [email protected]

For online sports betting: [email protected]

For Promotional competitions: [email protected]

For Scratch cards and interactive games: [email protected]

For Casino games: [email protected]

For Gaming machines: [email protected]

For Pools betting: [email protected]

For any other games: [email protected]

It takes about 10 days for an application to be reviewed completely. The Lagos State Lotteries Board license lasts for a duration of 12 months, but online lottery and sports betting lasts for 5 years. Upon approval, you are expected to pay a license fee and also pay the Good Causes Money (GCM). The GCM is a percentage of the sales turnover you gained from gaming activities conducted in Lagos State, the percentage amount is fixed by the Lagos state Lotteries Board. The Lagos state Lotteries Board license is only fully effective in Lagos State, hence, the Lagos state Lotteries Board has no authority whatsoever over lottery and gaming activities in other states outside Lagos State.

The Lagos state Lotteries Board also generates monetary revenue for the Lagos state government through the fees they charge.

You can contact tem generally through any of the below means;

Email: [email protected]
Telephone: +2348149906555, 08080525752
Visit their website here: