Ubex ICO: Decentralized advertising exchange token

Ubex ICO combines global decentralized advertising exchange with artificial intelligence, this article will explain how this works.

What is Ubex?

Ubex is a company that comes with the solution to advertising problems that most advertising industry faces today.  Ubex aims at alleviating the following online advertisement problems:

  • The exposure to ever increasing advertisement condition
  • Advertisement Scams
  • Viewing of irrelevant advertisement
  • Inadequate compensation

Advertisers also face issues like:

  • Junk traffic
  • Unrewarding advertising
  • Difficulty in point out multiple advertising channels

Ubex also aim at solving problems faced by publishers such as:

  • Difficulty in finding advertisers that will fill advertising slots
  • Non-payment and delay of payment by fraudulent and low-quality advertisers
  • Reduced earnings and inability to predict payments to expect from the advertisers

Ubex is poised towards bring an end to this lingering problem via Blockchain technology and neural network. Ubex is of the opinion that the future of advertising is the global decentralized advertising exchange

What you need to know about the Ubex Decentralized exchange token: How it works

The priority of Ubex is to bring an end to the myriads of problems facing the advertising industry with the use of neural network and blockchain technology. Ubex is set to solve this advertisement problem by setting up a global decentralized exchange for advertising where various companies and publishers can effectively carry out what has hitherto been difficult especially in the areas of advertising.

Ubex is set to build a platform with the following goals and functions

  • Reduction in the number of middlemen as well as commission

One of the major goals of Ubex is to replace the middlemen with blockchain Technology. Meaning that, the layers between the publisher and the advertiser will be eliminated. The Publisher and advertiser will be able to interact directly through the use of smart contract by Ubex.

  • Publishers can tokenize their Ad slots easily

Ubex has made it pretty easy for publisher to tokenise their ad slots.  Ubex has also made it possible for publisher to post statistics online. This will help the advertiser choose a website with high performance for their next ad campaign.

  • A reputation system that is multilayered

Ubex is well known to exhibit a multi-layer reputation system that rates publishers and advertisers according to their level of performance. The full history of individual’s operation as well as their reputation data will be stored in the blockchain.  The main Purpose of this is to limit fraudulent practices and provide an avenue to deal with the most trustworthy partners.

  • Advertising Campaign Management

One of the things Ubex is set to do is give advertiser complete control over their campaigns. This will be achieved by using:

  1. Blockchain controlled transaction that is transparent
  2. Data filtering
  3. Detailed report
  4. Data exporting as well as importing
  5. Detailed campaign statistics chat
  • Pay per result

One of the features of Ubex platform is pay per result. In fact, Ubex describes its model as Pay per result model. Ubex utilizes blockchain technology to pay based on the verified result.