List of Shipping & Logistics Companies in Nigeria

Do you have to send a package outside Nigeria? You can do that by using the services of Shipping companies. A lot of Nigerians, especially those involved in business, need such services.

But, it’s not about using any shipping company. It’s about using a reliable one that’ll ensure that your goods get to their destination. So, here’s a list of shipping companies in Nigeria that is recommended;

⦁ Delek Marine Services Limited
This shipping company is based in Lagos. They handle shipping, oil & gas, and maritime services.
⦁ Brawal Shipping Nigeria Limited
You can contact Brawal Shipping Nigeria Limited for not just shipping of goods but also haulage and ship cratering services.
⦁ Gulfstar Shipping & Marine Services
Gulfstar Shipping & Marine Services operates from a head base in Lagos. Shipping and marine logistics are their specialty.
⦁ Macchalis International
This shipping company is a quite popular one. They engage in ship management and professional ship bunkering services.
⦁ Maersk Nigeria Limited
Maersk takes care of shipping standard cargo, oversized cargo, and refrigerated cargo.
⦁ Cotoaz Shipping and Logistics Limited
Air and sea freight forwarding are the major services offered by Cotoaz Shipping and Logistics Limited.
⦁ Sifax Nigeria Limited
This Lagos-based shipping company is one of the best cargo handling services provider and cargo delivery solution in the country.
⦁ Gushers Corporate Services
Gushers Corporate Services handle freight forwarding, haulage services, and port logistics in addition to shipping.
⦁ Calmwaters Shipping Limited
From the description, you would presume this company engages more in sea shipping. However, they handle more than logistics.
⦁ Mediterranean Shipping Company Nigeria
The Mediterranean Shipping Company Nigeria ships goods worldwide. You can use them to get your goods to almost anywhere in the world.
⦁ Ocean Glory Commodities
If you want door to door cargo services, clearing & forwarding, etc, Ocean Glory Commodities is a renowned shipping company to check out.
⦁ Sailbond Limited
This is a shipping company based in Abuja. They are importers & exporters so you can use them to send or receive goods.
⦁ Ports & Terminal Multiservices Limited
As a multi-services company, PTML does more than shipping goods. They offer e-services and maritime services too.
⦁ Crisp International Limited
You can contact Crisp International Limited for air freighting and cargo handling in addition to their shipping services.
⦁ Derron Group
Need a shipping company in Port Harcourt, Rivers State? Derron Group is one of the best in the Garden City you can go for.

You don’t have to stress if you want to send a package outside Nigeria or within Nigeria. There are numerous shipping companies operating within the country you can patronize and in this article, we’ve uncovered some reliable ones. Although, there are other reliable shipping companies out there even though not listed here.

However, what you’ll notice is that most of these Nigerian shipping companies are based in Lagos which is not surprising as the state is the center of commerce in the country. As a result, if you can’t find any reliable shipping company in your vicinity, you can send your goods to Lagos, and ship from there.