List of Best VTU Websites in Nigeria

The Nigerian telecommunication industry is one of the biggest sectors of the economy. Millions of Naira are being transacted daily, which in turn produces billions of Naira for both the company and the nation. Apart from the big telecom service providers, there are VTU platforms that make telecom service accessible to Nigerians.

In today’s world, everyone uses the internet to purchase a product or get a service. People purchase airtime, data and get access to VTU services from the internet. Nowadays, people purchase airtime and data for their smartphones from the internet, only a minimal number of people buy from recharge card vendors.

Possibly, you are looking for a VTU website to get cheap data or buy airtime conveniently from the comfort of your home. Apart from buying airtime and data, some VTU websites allow you to buy WAEC/NECO scratch cards, pay for cable TV subscription, pay your electricity bills, and send bulk SMS.

Are you looking for a comprehensive list of VTU websites in Nigeria? If yes, there is a guide for you on that. We have prepared a list of some popular VTU platforms in Nigeria.

List of VTU websites in Nigeria
If you wish to know the VTU platforms in Nigeria, kindly check out the following sites below:

VTUKING is one of the VTU platforms in Nigeria. With this platform, you can make payment for electricity tariff, cable TV subscription, airtime and data. You can purchase NECO and WAEC scratch cards to check the examination of your family & friends. A great feature of this VTU platform is that they have a reseller program which enables you to make money in commissions by selling VTU services to people.

Second on this list is, you can fund your account and get access to VTU services from your internet-enabled device. On Paycheap Nigeria, you can buy airtime at a discount price of 4%, you can also make payment for your GOTV, DSTV & StarTimes decoders. is a reliable and quick VTU platform that you can trust.

3. OgDams
OgDams is a verified VTU website where you can sell your airtime and purchase data, airtime, pay your electricity bills and more. You also get about 3-4% discount when you purchase airtime from your dashboard. Their data prices are cheap and affordable for every Nigeria.
To get started, simply visit, open an account and fund the account. When your account is funded, you can buy data, airtime and other VTU services

This is one of the best platforms to trade airtime, mobile data and cable subscriptions. They have an easy-to-use and responsive dashboard that allows you to buy data with ease. They have an app on Google Play store to get VTU services on the go.

Notable mentions

It is easy and convenient to get VTU services by using VTU websites. There are many VTU platforms on the web, however, you should be cautious before choosing any of them. An ideal VTU website should have good uptime, customer service and must be fast in processing transactions.