List of side hustles you can do in Nigeria and make money

In Nigeria, one thing every one wants to do is to make money and there are several ways of doing that. You might have a full time job but maybe the pay is not enough for you and you still need other sources of income. Well, there are side hustles you can do and get that extra income you need, listed below are some of them;

⦁ Blogging:
Blogging is very popular in Nigeria and when talking about side hustles, it is the most recommended. There are so many bloggers in Nigeria and the top ones earn a lot from it – thousands to millions of Naira.

If you want to blog for money, the niche to blog on is of extreme importance. Do your research properly and choose a profitable one.

⦁ Web designing:
Everyday, new websites are being online, who creates them? People like you and I. Web designers in Nigeria earns a lot from designing websites, the pay can be up to N300,00 for just one a month.

However, web designing is a skill to learn so, you have to create your chance to learn and practice it very well before it becomes a side hustle.

⦁ Social media marketing:
You could easily become a social media marketer if you have a lot of followers on social media. Even if you do not, you can grow your traffic from the scratch and still make money.

Social media marketing involves you promoting services and products of others via social media platforms and getting paid – very simple. Ideal social media platforms to use include Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

⦁ Photography:
Pictures are always needed, people take pictures during various celebrations such as weddings, birthdays, naming ceremonies etc. In Nigeria, these things happen week in week out and you can make money by being there to take these pictures.

Though photography requires a bit of knowledge and experience in other to get the best, getting a good camera is all you need to get started.

⦁ Graphics designing:
You see banners and flyers all around with digital designs, these were made by a graphic designer and he or she was paid for it.

Designing graphics is an easy way to raise extra money and to become a graphics designer, you need to be learned about the computer as you would make use of softwares like CorelDRAW and Photoshop.

⦁ Writing:
If your grammar is good, content writing is something you really should be doing. Writers are needed in vast areas; magazines, blogs, newspapers all need writers to create content for them and all you need to do, is to apply when there is an offer.

There are also freelance websites like Fiverr and Upwork you can sign up and advertise your writing skill.

Other side hustles you can look up and try;
⦁ Art and Drawing
⦁ Painting
⦁ Tutoring
⦁ Tailoring and fashion designing
⦁ Make up artist
⦁ Device repair (phones and laptops)
⦁ Catering

By engaging on any of the ideas listed above, you can earn extra money and support your job. Having a side hustle is always good in case something goes wrong in your main job. You can also come up with something on your own; if you have an idea, give it a try as it won’t hurt.