How to send money to Nigeria through Moneygram

MoneyGram is one of the means through which Nigeria can send and receive money internationally. It has been around for years and the service has proven to be Trusted and Fast with many Nigerians making use of it on a daily basis. For those trying to send money to Nigeria through MoneyGram, this article will be showing you how to go about it.

There are two main ways you can send money to Nigeria through MoneyGram, you can either send money in person or send money online; we’ll be looking at both ways.

How to Send Money in Person with MoneyGram

Step 1: Find an Agent Location
The first step in sending money in person is to find a MoneyGram agent location. For you to be sending money to Nigeria, you should be outside the country and you can visit the nearest MoneyGram location close to you. You have to check if MoneyGram is available in your country – you can do that through the western union website – if it is not, you won’t be able to use their service.

Step 2: Get All the details
Once you have located an Agent Location, the next thing you want to do is to get all the necessary details that would be needed for the transaction. Some of these details include;
* Receiver’s Country (Which is Nigeria in this case)
* Receiver’s Name (As Written on any Government Issued ID)
* Your Government Issued ID
* Receiver’s E-mail
* Receiver’s Phone Number
* Recipient Bank Details ( If you are sending directly to a bank account)

Step 3: Make Your Transaction
With all details intact, you can now proceed to make your transaction. This involves filling and submitting the sending form and also paying the money you want to transfer. You also choose how you want your receiver to get the money, if it will be sent directly to your recipient’s bank account or he/she will pick it up at an agent location.

Step 4: Notify the Recipient
Once your money is on its way you are almost done with your own part. The last thing you have to do is to notify the receiver so he or she can receive the money. You will need to send the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) to the receiver if he will be picking it up at an agent location.

That is how simple it is to send money to Nigeria through MoneyGram.

How to Send Money Online with MoneyGram
Sending money with Moneygram online is almost the same as sending in person, the major difference is that you will have to fill everything on the internet. The first thing you need to do is to create an account with MoneyGram – you can do that on their website You would need to verify your account by providing your details and identity.

To transfer money, you will provide all the needed details of the receiver as listed above and then pay using your Card. Finally, you provide the receiver with the MTCN so he or she can successfully receive the money here in Nigeria.