How to Send Money to Nigeria through Western Union

Wire transfer services are one of the most used ways of sending money across the globe. One of the top wire transfer services available to Nigerians is the Western Union Money Transfer Service. It is a reliable method to send and receive method in and out of Nigeria. If you want to know how to send money to someone in Nigeria using western union, this guide will help.

The best and fastest way to send money to Nigeria through Western Union is by sending it online, to do so, follow the steps;

* Visit the Western Union official website – – and create an account with them. Western Union account registration is free and all you need to do is to provide the required information.

* Log into your profile after you complete your registration and click on Send Money

* Select the country you are sending money to (You should choose Nigeria)

* Input the amount you are sending and also the method you want the money to be delivered. Western Union processes delivers in 3 main ways and they include;

– Cash Delivery; The receiver will have to pick up the money in cash at a Western Union Agent Location. In Nigeria, all major commercial banks work as Western Union agent locations. For this method, you just have to provide basic details – Name and Contact Details – of the receiver as it is on any of his or her Government ID Card.

– Direct to Bank; The money will be sent directly to the bank account of the receiver. For this method, you will have to provide basic details of the receiver along with his or her bank account information.

– Mobile Wallet; The money will be sent to the mobile wallet of the receiver, the mobile wallet in question is the receiver’s airtime balance. For this method, you will have to provide the receiver’s name and mobile number. Unfortunately, this method is not yet available in Nigeria.

The delivery method you would choose might affect how fast or how slow the transfer is processed. Transfers through cash delivery are usually processed in less than 10 minutes but direct bank transfer can take a bit more time depending on the bank’s network.

* Next thing you need to do is to make your payment. You can pay using your Credit or Debit Card. Some fees and interest charges may apply. Western Union accepts MasterCards and Visa Cards which are very popular.

* You will be notified – via email – that your transfer has been processed. For cash delivery transfers, you will be sent a Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) which you will then send to the receiver so he or she can receive the money. No MTCN is needed for direct bank transfers as the money will be deposited at once.

You can also send money by visiting a Western Union agent location in your country. The above processes will be completed, the only difference is that the form will be hand filled and you also pay the money in cash rather than using a card.