The Billion Coin: How to Buy and Sell TBC in Nigeria

The Billion Coin (TBC) is a member of the cryptocurrency family just like your Bitcoin, Ethereum and the rest. But unlike them, it is a centralized cryptocurrency which means it operates with its own structure and its growth and value depends on the number of people making use of it. This is the main reason why it is not a market-based cryptocurrency and buying and selling of TBC may seem difficult. Nevertheless, the post is here to show you ways on how to go about it if you want to buy or sell TBC.

Buying and selling of TBC in Nigeria is not much different with the way it is done in other countries. Since TBC is relatively new, there is not much cryptocurrency exchangers and individuals that are willing to trade it. If you want to sell your TBC, the first thing you would have to do is to encourage people to join TBC community; as earlier stated, the value of TBC depends on how many people has it so if you want your TBC to be high priced, you need to get others to join.

When you get others to join TBC community, you can then look for a trust worthy person that is willing to buy TBC from you and make your trade. Since trading involving cryptocurrency are risky, especially over the internet, it is best if you can have a person-to-person meeting with the buyer to carry out the trade. The Billion Coin is very expensive as it is worth over a hundred Bitcoins so getting a buyer willing to spend that much is likely to be very difficult.

Likewise, there are sites online that claims to exchange TBC for Bitcoin or TBC for Cash. While some may be genuine, the most of them are scam platforms and you could loose a lot by trading with them. There are no recommended sites to recommend for you to exchange your TBC but if you are to use any online exchanger, make sure you read reviews and comments about their services before going ahead to trade.

Truth be told, trading (Buying and selling) of TBC in Nigeria is difficult, it is very expensive and not the regular cryptocurrency every one is familiar with. The best way for you to sell you TBC is to get a direct buyer who is willing to buy and then schedule a one on one meeting. If you want to buy, it’s still the same process, get a direct seller and do not pay until you have confirmed the transfer.