Swiss Golden(SG) Markets Nigeria: What you should know

A lot of unimaginable and unthinkable things have been made possible by the internet. Before now, people travel long miles and far distances to obtain gold, but right now, people can buy gold online in any digital and online shop. One of the companies that deals and participates in the Gold business is the Swiss Golden NigeriaIn this articulated post, you will know about the Swiss Golden Corporation, the brand name (SG), branches and administrative office and what the company offers to people.

Swiss Golden Nigeria is an digital shop which is known for selling and dealing in gold manufacturing. Swiss Golden was registered as a legal entity on the 14 of June 2012 in the British Virgin Islands. Eight months after it was founded, the Swiss Golden Markets Group launched their products and services in the market on February 1, 2013. Swiss Golden has its administrative offices located in London, United Kingdom (UK). In addition, it also has some data and informative centers in Munich (Germany) and Moscow (Russia).

What Do The Swiss Golden (SG) Markets Offer

The Swiss Golden Nigeria company works and collaborates with reputable and high gold manufacturers such as Valcambi, Umicore, Metalor Technologies, HERAUS, ARGOR etc.

Most significantly, the European Union (EU) gave Swiss Golden Corporation the license produce gold in it own brand name which is SG.

This enables and allowed the Swiss Golden (SG) corporation to be able to produce and manufacture gold and encrypt its own brand name in the gold which it produces.

Gold is a precious ornament which is wanted and admired by so many people in the world. Gold is expensive and that is what makes it valuable and worth buying. Gold is used in making so many items, it can be used in making jewelries, necklaces, earrings, nose rings, crowns and used in making robes.

Before the use of paper currency, people use precious metals such as gold and silver to trade and buy many items and commodities.

The Swiss Golden Corporation has a digital store which is open for people to invest and purchase an investment gold in bars. Gold bars are sold, purchased and bought in the online web/internet. People can shop and buy in any quantity which they desire from the values of 1 to 100 grams.

Bars delivery is often carried out with an insured mail. Also, the bars delivery can be received by prior arrangement in the delivery department of the gold bars. In addition, they can also be kept and stored for safekeeping in a safe depository of the precious metals.

The delivery cost for the bars is usually defined by the postal service. However, people should know that the delivery for the precious metals amounts to 55 Euros. The monthly cost for the gold storage cost is 0.1 % which is the value of the gold kept in the depository.

The Swiss Golden (SG) corporation has created opportunities for people to make money by dealing in gold and other precious metals.

There are four main types of investment programs which are provided to customers and clients by Swiss Golden. There are;

The Start Program

The Main Program

The VIP Program

The VIP Plus Program

You could begin your swiss golden investment business with any of these programs.

Buying and investing gold is a necessity for people to begin and kick start their Swiss golden investment business.

After registering , you are to scan and upload a document of identification in order for your account to be verified and accepted in to the program. You can upload utility bills, drivers license, national ID Card etc.

Place an order for any bars and make payment. An euro account will be opened for the buyer to ensure continuity in the investment service.

The prices of the gold market prices changes from time to time. A buyer should make a bank transfer and send a copy of the payment to their email within 24 hours after making payment.

Swiss Golden Contact Details

Their administrative office is located at Königstraße 10C 70173 Stuttgart, Germany. Customers can contact them on +442081445999 and on mail at [email protected].

Also, their marketing department can be reached on [email protected]. The delivery and storage department can be contacted on [email protected].

Additional Information

All Swiss Golden participants are entitled to be issued with debit cards. The debit MasterCard enables clients to be able to withdraw their funds easily from their Euro account.