Theta coin ICO: What you should know about this crypto token

The Theta coin ICO Token is a relatively new crypto token in the crypto world that was launched late 2017; The Theta Coin ICO is a block chain platform designated particularly for the delivery of video content and video streaming, it is just like a video streaming service, but a rewarding one. This platform is decentralized and it is seemingly advantageous because it is somewhat different from other block chain ICO token services. As it is with every ICO token distributor, The Theta platform distributes ICO’s to its users to nurture the structuring of its platform and to also make it more popular. I guess you would like to know how this works, kindly read on.

About The Theta Coin ICO Token Platform

When I say the Theta coin ICO token platform is for video content and video streaming, think of it like YouTube, Twitch, Daily Motion and the rest out there. The platform is operated by Sliver.TV and it works as an independent crypto mining platform that mines new Theta blocks through caching nodes, your ICO reward depends on how high the score of your video stream relay reputation is. This simply means that you earn Theta ICO tokens by relaying and watching video streams on the Theta Token platform. The ICO tokens can be earned by both users relaying the video streams and users watching the video content as well. Some users can set and leave their PC on to mine overnight while they sleep, it is easy as well. Normally, once you are away from your computer and not making use of it, the signal of your CPU and GPU frequency band reduces, but in this case, it increases to over 90% making it look as if you are still operating it. By the time you wake in the morning, you will discover how much ICO you were able to mine while you were asleep. You can also earn ICO token by viewing displayed adverts on the Theta platform and These ICO Tokens can be used just like every other crypto token, it can be exchange on crypto exchanger sites like Huobi and Binance, it can also be stored in your crypto wallet.

Earning ICO Tokens on the Theta Token platform do not require much computational and mining knowledge as it is very basic in its operation. The platform is also a very secure one, a Resource Oriented Micropayment Pool is implemented for off chain withdrawals and with the Proof of Engagement protocol, users can easily measure their video stream engagement.

The Theta Token Platform Owners

The Theta Token platform has a management team being led by Mitch Liu, who is also the CEO and co-founder of the platform alongside Jieyi Long. In addition, The Theta platform is also in partnership with other companies like Twitch and Steam.

The Theta Token Platform is a nice and rewarding platform if you are looking for where to earn Theta coin ICO tokens for free; I recommend them for any one!