Western Union Nigeria: How to send and Receive Money

There are lots of ways to send money out of the country but the fastest to send and receive money is through the Western union money transfer. The Western union money transfer has made sending and receiving money globally very easy.

There were lots of problems associated with sending money abroad but now, you can easily send and receive money via Western Union money transfer. Apart from the fact that the process involved is very simple, the transaction is fast.

Steps on how to send Money via Western Union Money Transfer

  • Visit any of the Western Union Money Transfer Agents in whichever country you are. These agents are usually banks.
  • Demand for the Western union Money Transfer Form
  • Fill the Form accurately. The form should be completed in block letters
  • Provide means of Identification and the payment with the fee to the western Union agent
  • Save the receipt issued with MTCN

It is worth noting that you will be charged with a little amount as service charge for using the Western union money transfer. Follow the step above to send money to anywhere. You can see how simple the process is. You should notify the recipient when the transfer is successful. The recipient will now go to the nearest Western Union Money Transfer Agent to cash out the money. You are to provide the recipient with the details of the payment including the MTCN. The MTCN should only be shared with the recipient. You can also track your payment through the website of the Western union.

How to Receive Money through the Western Union

Apart from sending money, you can also receive payment through this medium. The first thing to do is to locate the nearest western Union agent office selected by the sender. You should check the status online to ensure your money is ready for pickup before approaching the agents. Generally, follow the following steps to cash out money from any Western Union agent office:

  • Locate the nearest WU Agent

You can use online agent locator to locate the nearest Western Union transfer office in your locality.

  • Fill the Western union Form

At this stage, you are required to fill the ‘to receive money form’. This is a requirement required to receive money, you will provide the name of the sender, the sender’ location and address, the MTCN, as well as the test question and answer.

  • Present the Agent your ID

After the completion of the form, you are required to provide a means of identification that is issued by the government.  Such IDs are drivers’ license or international passport.

  • Receive your Money

When you are done with the steps listed above, the agent clerk on duty will examine your ID, and append his/her signature on your receipt and get you money ready for pay out. Receiving money through western union money transfer is a simple and straight forward process that does not waste time.